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Makeup Tips For Redheads: Finally! A ‘Redhead Friendly’ Bronzer

As a redhead, you may be unsure what makeup tips are proper for your skin color. For most of my life, I was scared to try bronzers. I have tried millions of foundations, blushes and bronzers. I was always terrified they would make me look too orange, totally clash with my red hair, or make my skin break out.

Also, bronzers are expensive! I wasn’t sure if I could make myself drop 10 or even 20 dollars on a bronzer when I wasn’t sure how it would look on me.

Then one day, I found it. The one.

While wandering around a Department Store, I saw a bin for Elf Cosmetics. It had a big discount sign on it and I began to rummage through the bin. Then, I found the bronzer: Elf Sunkissed Bronzer. I read the label and wondered if it was essential for everyone, even redheads? I took the plunge and bought it (for $2!).

I went home that night, nervous to try it. I put a small amount on the brush, and brushed it on my face, right from my cheekbone, up the bone towards my eye and ear. I surveyed the result, and loved it! This bronzer wasn’t orange, and it gave a light to my face that I’d never seen before. I didn’t look totally pale and washed out, or like an Oompa-Loompa. I looked like a human, with shadow and contouring on my face! It was nothing short of a miracle.

So if you’re a little intimidated by bronzers, or have spent your whole life searching for a good one, the wait is over. The bronzer is definitely ‘redhead friendly’ and makes me feel so beautiful and confident.

Elf Essential Bronzer is an inexpensive option that I would recommend to anyone, especially redheads.

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