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I’m a redhead & I’ll own it ALL day

Writer, Sassy, celebrates National Love Your Red Hair Day with this piece:

By: Sassy Auburn

Attention redheads! In honor of National Love Your Red Hair Day, did you know these little facts about being a redhead:

1. Less than 4% of the human population has red hair.

2. The majority of redheads exist in the U.K., Ireland & Australia.

3. Redheads have the fewest hairs on their head, less than any other hair color. But, each strand is thicker than blondes and brunettes.

4. Because of the lack of pigmentation of their skin, redheads are more prone to sunburn, skin cancer and wrinkling.

With all those redhead facts, you are probably wondering why so many of us embrace this follicle phenome so well.  Well, let me speak from experience…

When I was a teen, my red hair began to shine through more than ever. At that stage in my life, I wanted to be anything but different. I was about 16 when I bought my first bottle of hair dye. I went to a light brown and eventually fried my hair by bleaching myself into a big haired, blonde bombshell.  Looking back at the pictures, I wonder what I was thinking.

After I got married and had kids, I fell into the rut of being everything but myself. I was a mom, a wife, a chauffeur, an answering service, a bank, a maid, a chef. I was anything and everything except the one thing I really needed to be: the redhead me.

As my kids got older, I began to look back and realize that I had lost myself along the way. I needed to have confidence, a voice, a purpose, a dream, some guts! Slowly I began to find the person who I had lost along the way. And that included the fierce redhead inside of me. When I stopped dying my hair, I found a professional stylist who created the shade of red that complemented my natural hue, and it was perfect for me. I regained my self-confidence. I stood up for what I wanted and deserved. I found my voice. I found my passion (writing!) and I took my life back.

Was this all because I had become a redhead again?  Oh heavens no. But did it make me feel self-reliance, the spunk, the assurance that it was okay to find the real me?  You bet it did!

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I embrace my fiery locks with pride now. My auburn tresses have become my writing identity as well as my mark in the industry of fashion and glamour. I know people will look at me a little different because I “stand out” and I am totally okay with that! I am me, and I couldn’t be prouder. My fierce, strong identity is who I am now and everyone knows with it. I hear frequently, “Don’t mess with red!” I’m not sure if there is any truth to that, but I sure as heck would like to see someone try it.

For those of you who aren’t sure what to think about your red hair, I suggest you look inside yourself first. Accept that it is who you are and that’s okay!

Create a look, a style, an identity that is your own and take that fire from the color of your hair and let it fuel the person you’ve always wanted to be! Be you, and be proud.

Rock it like a Redhead!