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Julianne Moore’s Secrets for Ageless Redhead Skin

Moore is 59 years old and her redhead skin looks like she is in her 30's. This is her skin practice:

On Season 3, Episode 4 of the How to be a Redhead podcast, Adrienne and Stephanie talked (starting at 32:00) about Julianne Moore’s skin routine. Moore is 59 years old and her redhead skin looks like she is in her 30’s. Women’s Health put together Moore’s skin tips she provided in multiple interviews throughout the years. Adrienne and Stephanie talk about Moore’s routine, and below is the full list:

Listen to the Season 3, Episode 4 of the How to be a Redhead podcast below: 


1. She always wears SPF (and walks on the shady side of the street) 

As all redheads know, we have to wear sunscreen daily. “Sunscreen is my number-one thing. I’ve worn it every day since I was 23,” Moore told Redbook. Andy Cohen asked for skin details on Watch What Happens Live in 2015. “Whatever I can get in the drugstore,” she said. “I put the sunscreen on, and I don’t go into the sun. And honestly, that’s really it.”

Moore told The Cut she sticks to the shady side of the street. “I can’t even take the light because of my eyes. I do it to my husband all the time and he’ll be like, ‘I’m cold’ but then I’m like, ‘Let’s walk in the shade'”.

2. She skips sushi (or any food with high sodium) before big events 

“My husband loves to have sushi in L.A. because it’s so good out there,” she told The Cut. “But If I’m there for an awards show or something, I’m like ‘No, I’m not doing it the night before the Golden Globes’. My face will be puffy.”

3. She has a skin routine 

“It’s so boring to say, “I always wash my face,” but I do. But some people don’t. I put on some eye cream, moisturizer, and put my retainer in and go to bed,” she told The Cut. “I’m really into exfoliation. I’ve always used very buff washcloths to cleanse my face at night,” Moore told New Beauty.

She also loves a nice face oil. “I love them and I switch around what I use,” She told New Beauty.

She loves L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream (it has sunscreen in it) and Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado.

4. She listens to her skin

“Alpha hydroxy acids really work well with my skin — but I have to stay away from retinoids; they’re too powerful for me,” she told New Beauty.


5. She believes in getting non-invasive facials 

Joanna Vargas is Moore’s esthetician (like many celebrities In Hollywood). Vargas gives expert skin tips for redheads in the “How to be a Redhead” book — seek her tips on pages 125, 135, 143, 151. Julianne Moore told The Cut, “I see Joanna Vargas in the city. She’s fantastic with her microcurrent facials. She’s so funny. I like feeling good about myself, being rested and doing exercise that makes me feel good physically and mentally, and doing treatments that are noninvasive.”

Vargas tells redheads in the “How to be a Redhead” book:  “My top skincare product for every redhead is sunscreen.” We’re sure Vargas + Moore must bond on how important this daily routine is!

Rock it like a Redhead!

Listen to Season 3, Episode 4 of the How to be a Redhead podcast below (or search for us wherever you listen to podcasts):