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Interview with Redhead Soap Opera Star, Melissa Archer

Melissa Archer is redhead celebrity and well known “bad girl,” Natalie Balsom, on the soap opera One Life to Live since 2001. The show was reborn as an online-only show in 2013 and receives millions of views per month. She sat down with How to be a Redhead to discuss her twelve-year role on a hit soap opera, her favorite “redhead friendly” skin products and more.

H2BAR: Did you always know you were going to be an actress?

MA: Pretty much. I made the final decision at twelve-years-old.

H2BAR: You currently play the role of the feisty redhead, Natalie on One Life to Live. Can you tell us a bit about her character?

MA: There’s lots to tell! She started off pretty bad, then went back to being good. She has always struggled to find that happy medium.

redhead-melissa-archer-interview-one-life-to-live11H2BAR: Soap opera’s are full of mysteries and drama! What do you love most about being on a famous soap opera television show?

MA: They are the most fun because even though you are playing the same character, the character is always going through a dilemma or tough time. One of my challenges is playing the same role for twelve years and still keeping it as real as possible for the audience.

H2BAR: Who is your idol? 

MA: Lucille Ball.

H2BAR: You must get your hair and makeup done constantly! What are some of your favorite makeup products when playing Natalie? 

MA: When playing Natalie, I always make sure to use Amazing Cosmetics’ concealer. It works wonders on my red tones and rosacea because it hides every ounce of redness. For hair, our stylists love using products from ‘Got 2 Be.’

H2BAR: How about when you are off set? What are your favorite makeup products for everyday life? 

MA: When I am away from the camera, I go natural. I wear a very light amount because I want to keep my skin from getting clogged. I still use Amazing Cosmetics’ concealer and love Kevin Aucoin’s mascara! My favorite hair products are from the ‘Reflection’ line by Kerastase.

H2BAR: You’re from Dallas, Texas. Were you one of the only redheads growing up?

MA: Yes! As I grew up, I turned brunette but always had natural red highlights.

H2BAR: So, when did you decide to go super red? 

MA: You know, its funny! I did it for my character, Natalie. When I first went full red for the role I thought, “WOW! This is really RED!” After all of these years, it’s hard to imagine not being a redhead. It is a different kind of empowerment than being a blonde and brunette. It is rare and a very striking color and sets you apart from the rest.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 11.53.40 AM

H2BAR: Redheads have very sensitive skin! What are your go-to skin products?

MA: I am in love with Osmosis Skincare products. For about 9 years, I struggled with really bad rosacea. I did Accutane but stopped using it because when I went off it, the rosacear would come back. My friend introduced me to Osmosis and my rosacea went completely away!

With the Osmosis line being so active, you don’t want to rush into it and purchase it online. My advice is to work-your way up to the line. For example, I could never have used the anti-aging Osmosis products in the beginning, but now I do. When I first heard about Osmosis, I learned the hard way and purchased the entire roscia line. Don’t do that. First, talk to a specialist through, or if you go to a store that sells the line, speak with an Osmosis expert and they will walk you through your issues.

H2BAR: What is your favorite “redhead friendly” wardrobe colors to wear?

MA: Blue is my favorite color. It works well with me because I have blue eyes. If blue is not available, then I always opt for green.

H2BAR: What’s in store for you for the rest of 2013 and 2014?

MA: I am shooting for One Life To Live and doing a web series starting in October called Beacon Hill.

H2BAR: Any advice for young girls out there who are trying to pursue acting?

MA: Don’t give up. If it’s what you want, then go for it!