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Hypoallergenic ‘Redhead Friendly’ Approved Products for 2015

The New Year has arrived and we guarantee your skin will be battling the cold weather for the next few months. It’s important to use hypoallergenic (a word to describe items that are claimed to cause fewer allergic reactions) products to keep skin extra safe. We consulted with Dr. Cynthia Bailey to discuss the 3 most important hypoallergenic products every redhead should have by their side this winter:

1. A hypoallergenic deeply hydrating moisturizer.

“Winter pulls water out of our skin for so many reasons and when you have sensitive skin that’s code for ‘your skin’s water barrier is deranged and weaker that everyone else’s’. Sensitive skin people need a ‘lock and load’ moisturizer to get through winter. Most moisturizers are not rich enough in the right water binding ingredients.”


2. A hypoallergenic lip balm.

“Know that most ‘healing lip balms‘ don’t heal! They contain ingredients aimed to heal but are taunting allergens to the hyperactive sensitive skin immune constitution and result in the dreaded ‘allergic cheilitis’ cycle of ‘lip chapping/lip balm applying’ that is really an allergic reaction to the lip balm. Never, never, never should a sensitive skin person use anything but hypoallergenic lip balm.”

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3. Hypoallergenic hand care that controls chapping and keeps you from passing around the flu.

“The hand washing/sanitizing mania of flu phobia season and winter go hand-in-hand to create the perfect storm for cracked and painful hands. We know that the deranged and weak skin barrier of the sensitive skin constitution can’t handle it. Redheads need to wash away cold and flu germs with hand care items that won’t overly strip their precious skin oils.”

See the gallery below for some of the best ‘redhead friendly’ approved hypoallergenic moisturizers, lip balms & hand care:

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Photo Credit: Sarajane Case,  © How to be a Redhead