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How Your Redhead Skin Can Benefit from Ice Rolling

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Ice rolling is a beauty technique that has become quite popular in the last few years. Ice rollers can be purchased for under $15! We’ve talked about the benefits of incorporating ice into your redhead skin routine before, but ice rolling makes it easier and removes the mess of melting ice.

Use a product like this when ice rolling:

ESARORA Ice Roller for Face & Eye, $13

Read about the incredible benefits:

Minimize redness

Many redheads suffer from redness of the skin when they become warm, after a soak in the sauna, or after exercising. This can be frustrating and embarrassing if your skin is bright red. Minimize that redness by doing a few minutes of ice rolling to soothe the skin.

Reduce inflammation 

The cold temperatures help constrict blood vessels, which decreases inflammation, swelling, and puffiness (almost instantly). This can be perfect for calming puffy eyes, decreasing the size of blemishes, and reducing the appearance of broken capillaries. 

Ease pain from blemishes

If you’ve got a particularly painful pimple you might want some relief from the throbbing. Applying some ice will temporarily numb the area to ease the pain. Just be careful that you don’t apply too much ice and damage the skin.

Cool a sunburn 

If you have a sunburn you might feel the heat radiating from it. Cool that burn and soothe your skin with a little ice rolling. Not only will it help you feel better, but it will help reduce the redness of the burn.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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