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How to Use the Redhead Bun Maker

The How to be a Redhead bun makers have premiered! Many women have been asking how to use the bun makers  to create beautiful updos. That’s why we spoke with celebrity hair and makeup artist Hasblady Guzman and owner of Bokaos Salon in Pasadena, CA.

“I do love all the hair buns I am seeing. I feel that the last five years hair has been about irregularities and lots of frizziness. I am looking forward to the opposite direction of this that is starting to resurge back up, which is total perfection form and shiny, well-structured hair in place,” said Guzman. “As for architectural pieces on top of heads, we have the movie ‘Catching Fire’ to thank for this – all the buns and up-dos inspired this new movement in hair.”

Here are Guzman’s 8 steps for creating a simple undo with the redhead bun maker & accessories:

Step 1: You will need to match the color of the bun maker to your red hair as close as possible.

Step 2: Put your hair into a ponytail. Bear in mind that where you position this will determine your bun’s final position, so aim high if you are wanting a top knot or ballerina-esque style.

Step 3: Use the bun ring and thread your ponytail through its middle.

Step 4: Find the centre of your ponytail where it is pulled through the doughnut and spread the hair around to cover the sponge. You can easily feel where the doughnut is still poking through, so just use your hands to smooth the hair round evenly until you’re happy.

Step 5: With one hand on the centre of your bun (to keep the main shape in place), slowly start to wind the end of your hair in a circular motion round the doughnut.

Step 6: As you wrap it round you’ll find it naturally tucks in under the bun, so just work your way round keeping the bun tight (and making sure that the bun is still smooth and fully covered!).

Step 7: Use redhead bobby pins to secure the hair wrapped round the bottom of the bun.

Step 8: Work your way round until it feels secure and you’re sure that the bun (or doughnut) isn’t going to fall out. At this point you can make the bun as neat or messy as you like.




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