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How To Use Beet Juice To Make Red Hair Vibrant

Beets provide the body with antioxidant benefits, but this vegetable also contains natural food pigments that make a good hair dye. If you’ve ever eaten a beat, you will notice how heavily it can stain.

A great DIY trick for ‘uping’ your natural color is to use red juices. Cranberry and beet juice are both great options.

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When you extract the juice from this root vegetable, you can add it to your shampoo for a temporary hair coloring. Depending on your natural hair color, beet juice can give your hair a reddish (or purple) hue. You can darken the color by regularly washing your hair with a beet juice and shampoo mixture.

Since you are using the beet juice as a shampoo additive instead of as a dye treatment or rinse, the tint only lasts from shampoo to shampoo. This is why using beet juice could be an excellent way for natural redheads to enhance their hair since most are looking for a simple boost.

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Try warming up the juice and saturating your red hair with it. Then, throw a plastic bag over your hair and let it do its thing for a few hours. When ready, rinse and condition. Make sure to do a strip test (in the back near your neck) first to ensure the color works for your hair!

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