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4 Ways To Boost Your Red Hair and Stop Fading

Tips from years of experience!

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Fading red hair is a dilemma many redheads face –– including me. That and maintaining and achieving the most natural color red. I am a natural-born redhead, but if someone is a ‘chosen’ redhead, like Emma Stone, you know what I’m talking about too.

In a recent interview with Refinery29, celebrity colorist, Tracey Cunningham, gives the 411 on making Emma Stone’s hair red.

“The secret to her red — actually, the only thing I’ve ever used on her — is the Redken Shade EQ gloss. That color gloss is amazing because it feels like a conditioner, but it actually stains the hair. It’s not a real color dye, but because it’s acid-based, it lays so nicely on the hair, giving it that shine,” Cunningham shares.

Over the years, I have personally learned what works and what doesn’t. Here are 4 tips if you’re thinking of enhancing your red hair with a gloss:

1. Why hair glosses rock

A demi-permanent hair color (aka hair gloss) is a non-permanent color that gradually fades over the course of a few weeks. It’s a great way to ‘up’ your red, without using any harsh chemicals or permanent dyes. The best part: it’s very low maintenance since there aren’t any roots to cover up after a few weeks.

You can choose to get a hair gloss in the salon or try it at home. The benefit of going into a salon is they will perfectly match your color or the color you’re looking to achieve.

I personally get a Davines in-salon hair gloss every 12 weeks. When I’m noticing my hair turning brassy (around the 8-9 week mark), I opt for a Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care glossing mask in Chic Copper.

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2. The right cleansers  

If you’re experimenting with at-home hair glosses, make sure your shampoo and conditioner are both color-safe and free of parabens and sulfates. We love both lines from Living Proof Perfect Hair Day and VERB Hydrating.

3. Turn to a color depositing shampoo

A great option for redheads who do not want to do a gloss or dye. If you’re a little nervous to make the hair gloss jump, turn to a color depositing shampoo. Color depositing shampoos naturally deposit color in the hair.

You can also use color depositing shampoo to prolong your hair gloss! I use a color depositing shampoo and conditioner 1-2 times a week to keep my red hair naturally vibrant.

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4. Don’t overwash your hair

Avoid over-shampooing your hair. Try washing it two times a week and use a ‘redhead friendly’ dry shampoo in-between.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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