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How to Get Beautiful No-Heat Redhead Curls Overnight

& perfect it with a straightener (if you MUST use heat)

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If there is one secret to long, thick hair it is this: stop using heat on your hair! It’s hard, we know. But, your hair will thank you when it begins growing longer, thicker and shinier.

Adrienne, our co-founder, loves this no-heat curls overnight trick to get the perfect waves:

1. Use a product like Paul Mitchell’s Fast Drying Sculpting Spray and/or Curls Ultimate Waves depending on your particular hair texture.

2. Use product lightly in hair to give it some hold and secure look.

3. Gather hair to one side and begin to twirl tightly.


4. Once you get to the ends, wrap hair tightly into a low bun. It doesn’t need to be perfect.


5. Secure with redhead hair tie.

6. Now, sleep!

7. In the morning, undo low bun and volia! Your hair should now have a loose wave to it.


If you must use heat to get an even more perfect wave or curl, do the following: 

1. If you like your hair isn’t wavy enough or you desire more waves, grab your hair straightener to create loose, effortless curls.

2. Take a small section of hair.

3.  Wrap hair around hair straightener and pull, constantly moving and keeping the hair straightener outward.

4. While the hair is still warm, twist to perfect curl.

5. Spray with hairspray if desired.


Video created for the “How to be a Redhead” book tour, powered by Paul Mitchell. RSVP to a book tour signing in a city near you here.