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How To Eliminate Eczema for Redhead Babies + Toddlers

We’ve talked about combating eczema for adults, but did you know it’s extremely common in babies and children under the age of 5? Eczema is also an issue many redheads have due to our sensitivity, and your redhead baby can feel the effects of the MC1R gene too.

If your little one is suffering from eczema, here are a few ways you can help them get relief and ease some of the headaches associated with baby eczema. 

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Daily bathing + moisturizing: 

The best way to combat eczema in babies is to make sure they are bathed daily and moisturized often. Use a mild cleanser and warm water and avoid bathing longer than 15 minutes as too much exposure to warm water can actually dry out the skin. Moisturize at least two times per day and always spot test new moisturizers before applying them all over. 

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Avoid irritants: 

Fragrances and harsh chemicals are an irritant for eczema, especially in babies. Avoid soaps, lotions, detergents, and other products that have added scents or unnecessary ingredients. If you are breastfeeding or spend a lot of skin-to-skin time with your child you may want to avoid fragranced items on your own skin as well. 

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Keep them from itching

Eczema can become quite itchy, so keep your kiddos from scratching or touching their eczema by keeping nails clipped short and putting cotton mittens on while they sleep. 

Talk with your doctor

If your baby or toddler has eczema that will not subside, or they appear to be in pain consult your doctor immediately. Additionally, if your methods are not working, speak to your doctor about alternative methods of treatment like medicated ointments or bleach baths.

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