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How to Donate Your Red Hair

Give Someone Else the Joy of Being a Redhead

If you’re thinking of chopping your red hair, consider donating it! Hair donations are used to make wigs for those with cancer and other health conditions that cause them to lose or have to cut their hair. Your hair is just going to end up in the trash anyway, so why not let someone else enjoy the wonders of being a redhead. 

Here are common questions and answers:

What type of hair is accepted? 

Every donation program has different rules, but most hair donation organizations will only take healthy hair that is not color-treated. Check the specific guidelines for the organization you want to donate to. 

How long does your hair have to be?

Different organizations also have different regulations on the length of hair needed. The minimum is typically 12 inches. You may be able to find some organizations that take donations as short as 8-10 inches, so keep looking around or grow your hair out some more if you want to donate. 

Should I tell my stylist?

When you’re ready to cut your hair, print out the guidelines for your stylist and be sure to tell them you want to donate it before they start cutting. Hair that’s being donated usually has to be bound with hair ties in ponytails to be accepted. Bring along a large ziplock to put your hair in once you are done. Some salons might have a donation program where they can mail it off for you, otherwise, you will bring it home and package it to be mailed out to the organization.

Where can I donate? 

There are lots of organizations that you can donate your hair to. The one you select might depend on how much hair you have, if it’s been dyed and who you want the hair to go to. A few of the most popular organizations include Wigs for Kids, Locks of Love, and Children with Hair Loss.

Rock it like a Redhead!