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How to be a Redhead Turns 12: The 12 Best Moments

Come Down Memory Lane with Us! launched 12 years ago on January 11, 2011! If you’re a new follower, you may not know the H2BAR started as a small blog, which eventually turned into a website and now the brand it is today. We thought last year was our biggest year of growth, but 2022 has been a game-changer for H2BAR. We have had so many fantastic moments since 2011 all because of our amazing redhead community. Thank you for your ongoing love and support! Let’s take a look down memory lane. The top 12 moments since our launch in 2011:

1. The release of Finally Have Brows® + the expansion of the line

We had to make this #1 because we worked 10 years to create the original Finally Have Brows Longwearing eyebrow gel — and it has been loved by customers! Shortly after release, it went viral on TikTok with over 5.3 million views. In 2022, we launched not one, but two new Finally Have Brows® products (a new gel and pencil)!

All the products in the Finally Have Brows® line were created by us, Adrienne and Stephanie, natural redheads and co-founders of How to be a Redhead! 

redhead eyebrows


2. The evolution of the H2BAR Box 

When we first launched, we spoke about sending “red beauty boxes” to redheads everywhere. But, subscription boxes were just starting to launch. In 2015 we made that dream a reality with our best-selling monthly H2BAR Box.

When In 2019, we launched the Deluxe version of the H2BAR Box! This quarterly box is packed with even more redhead-approved items and is valued at $250+. 

In 2022, we announced the retirement of the monthly box which gives us time and energy to devote to making the Deluxe H2BAR Box bigger and better than ever — while also moving towards more sustainable options. 

Want to get on the list? Sign up to receive the Spring H2BAR Box!

redhead beauty box


3. The launch of Finally Have Lashes® 

Since the creation of the Finally Have Brows line we knew we wanted to create more products that filled the gap in redhead beauty. With the majority of redheads having light lashes, mascara was the obvious next step. 

We didn’t want to stop at just one mascara though, so we created a collection of three mascaras that will volumize, curl, lift and lengthen lashes in a sensitive-friendly vegan formula. We chose colors that fit a wide variety of redheads giving everything from natural color to dramatic black.

redhead mascara


Finally Have Lashes Update:

Finally Have Lashes is new & improved! With a new brush, updated formula + new H2BAR Extension Technology®, curl, lift & lengthen your lashes with a sensitive-friendly formula. Two new shades are introduced to the line so you can expand your selection of redhead mascara. Shop the Finally Have Lashes line now

4. The 1st-8th Annual Love Your Red Hair Day 

November 5th is National Love Your Red Hair Day! Each year it has trended on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! It was created by H2BAR in 2015 to remind redheads everywhere to love and appreciate their hair. This national holiday has spread far and wide with celebrities and influencers sharing why they love their red hair, and news outlets sharing redhead facts and articles.

Jessica Chastain is one of the special redhead celebs to celebrate with us this year:

5. The How to be a Redhead E-commerce Store 

When we launched the H2BAR Box, so many redheads wanted to purchase the monthly products through H2BAR. And, website readers wanted to directly shop for ‘Redhead Friendly’ beauty products on So, we launched the H2BAR e-commerce store in 2019!

The e-commerce shop is where you can find all the Finally Have Brows® and Finally Have Lashes® products as well as other redhead-approved beauty items, redhead apparel and so much more!

Follow us on Instagram + TikTok to see us packing and stocking in the H2BAR warehouse:

6. Even more redhead beauty products coming soon!

With the launch of 5 new beauty products in the past year alone, you might think we’re ready to take a break, but the truth is we’re just getting started! We have 3 new hair products releasing soon and several other beauty items in the works. We can’t wait to tell you what’s coming next from H2BAR.

7. The “How to be a Redhead” Book 

The release of the world’s 1st-ever beauty book for redheads, on April 12, 2016, was a beautiful day! Redheads are now represented in beauty sections at bookstores. Get your copy here. 

8. The 2015 Rock it like a Redhead Beauty Tour & The “How to be a Redhead” 2016 book tour 

We traveled to 18 cities in 24 months from 2015-2016 to meet H2BAR’s followers. It was awesome to meet everyone and see their excitement! Who’s ready for us to pick back up and tour more in the next few years? 

2015 Rock it like a Redhead Tour, Austin Stop. April 30, 2015.

9. The New York Times + Other Press 

On Thanksgiving Day in 2014, the New York Times wrote a page-long article about How to be a Redhead — and our top redhead eyebrow picks. It launched the start of every highlight we mentioned above. We are so thankful to the many editors who have written about H2BAR!

10. This website

Our 2022 website redesign is one of the 15+ designs we have had over the last 12 years. We are always finding ways to improve the site and curate a space that offers redheads everything they want and need out of a redhead brand! 

11. H2BAR Podcast 

In 2018, we launched the How to be a Redhead podcast! Listen on Apple iTunes, Spotify and anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Listen to Season 4 and we can’t wait to announce Season 5 soon!

12. More beauty/lifestyle content

Since our initial launch, beauty/lifestyle/confidence/style articles have always been a priority. We continue to release topical and informative articles for redheads daily and are excited for you to see what is in store. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Snap for daily peeks into our content, and visit to see what’s trending.

Rock it like a Redhead!