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How Redheads Can Treat a Sunburn Quickly At Home

Bye stinging, redness and peeling!

Even when you are wearing sunscreen and using proper sun protection, sunburns can still happen. As redheads, we’ve probably all had a sunburn we needed relief from. Here are a few sunburn hacks to help get sunburn relief fast: 

Cool down the burn 

When you have a sunburn, you might notice your skin is hot to the touch. This can often cause discomfort and itchiness. Cool down the burn by taking a cool shower, applying chilled aloe vera gel, and/or taking ibuprofen or aspirin* to reduce inflammation.

Use emergency burn gel 

Most people’s immediate reaction to a burn is to use aloe, but have you tried Emergency Burn Gel? It’s a great way to treat your sunburn while it’s fresh. The gel contains aloe, to help soothe the redness of the skin, while 4% lidocaine helps with any pain and itchiness. Your burn won’t disappear overnight but it will look and feel a lot better. 

Keep skin moisturized

Sunburns occur when your skin is damaged due to overexposure to UV light. Once the skin is damaged, the best thing you can do for it is to keep it moisturized. Drink lots of water and apply a fragrance-free moisturizer intended for sensitive skin. 

Lay off the skincare

Sometimes sunburns peel, and when this happens it may be tempting to try and remedy the problem with skincare. Exfoliating and applying skincare products to a fresh burn can actually really irritate the sunburn. Lay off the skincare (with the exception of moisturizer) until your burnt starts to heal. 



Wear loose clothing

Pressure on your sunburn can be quite painful. Try wearing soft, loose-fitting clothing to avoid irritating the skin. Reduced irritation will not only make the burn feel better, but it will help to keep the redness down.

Take an oatmeal bath

If your burn feels itchy or uncomfortable, you can get some relief by taking an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties, so try adding whole oats to a cool or lukewarm bath to soothe the skin. Avoid hot baths as they will irritate the burnt skin. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 

*Always consult with your doctor before taking medications.

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