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How Redheads Can Take Care of (Not Get Rid of) Their Summer Freckles

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It’s easy to find articles on how to remove your freckles, make them lighter or cover them up. Having freckles is often seen as a flaw, an imperfection, or a blemish on the skin. We think freckles are beautiful and unique, and while some may choose to cover them, others will embrace them. If you want your freckles to look their best, try these freckle care tips from fellow redheads

1. Hydrate and moisturize

Just like any type of skin, freckles need hydration and moisture to keep them looking soft and glowy. Be sure to drink at least 64 oz of water every single day, and use a hydrating night cream and moisturizer on your skin. 

2. Exfoliate regularly

When skin gets dry or starts to slough off, it can look dull and that goes for freckled skin too. Make sure you’re exfoliating regularly all over your body. This will leave your freckled skin looking fresh, soft, and glowy. Find our top-rated redhead-approved exfoliators here. 

3. Protect your skin

Keeping your skin protected from the sun is important to reduce fine lines, skin damage, and early signs of aging. It’s important to always wear SPF, cover up to reduce sun exposure, and be mindful of the time you’re spending in the sun.

4. Check Your freckles 

When you’ve got freckles, it can be easy to miss the early signs of skin cancer. Be sure to check your freckles often and have your dermatologist take a look at any spots that seem to be an unusual color, shape, or size!

5. Avoid harsh chemicals on the skin

If you want your freckles to stay vibrant and glowing, it’s best to avoid hard chemicals on the skin. Since many products are designed to cover or lighten freckles you will want to avoid products with hydroquinone as it suppresses melanin and lightens darkened areas.

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