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How Redheads Can Get Rid of Back Acne

Say Goodbye to Unsightly Back Blemishes

Back acne or “bacne” for short can be caused by genetics, stress, sweat, product build up, and numerous other factors. It can also be unsightly, irritating, and a downright drag. After an intense summer of sun, sunscreen use and overall sensitive redhead skin, you could be suffering from bacne. There are a few important things to do when trying to clear it up:

1. Shower immediately after exercising, a trip to the beach or excessive sweating 

One of the main causes of bacne is sweat. Make sure to shower and wash your back after exercising to reduce bacne. If you’re a particularly sweaty person, or it’s hot out, it’s good to shower off that sweat as well. 

‘Redhead Friendly’ approved beauty recommendation: Use CeraVe Body Wash with Salicylic Acid to help cleanse and clear-up the area.

2. Keep your hair off your neck

Between products and natural oils, your hair can cause oils to go down your neck and back. If your hair is long enough, keep your hair up by putting it into an updo or simple ponytail. This is important for both wet hair and dry hair. The more you can keep your hair off your back, the better your chances of clearing up and avoiding bacne. 

3. Stop touching your neck and back 

With most of us working on our computers/smart devices daily, it can be a habit to touch your hair, neck and top of the back. Your hands are full of bacteria and this could be the general cause of your back acne. Make a conscience effort to stop touching those areas.

4. Wear loose breathable clothing

If you’re suffering from back acne, it might be tempting to cover it up with clothing. Wearing tight clothes will just irritate it more, so opt for loose breathable clothes that are soft to the touch to avoid irritation. It’s also good to give the area some time to breathe each day without being covered up. 

5. Exfoliate & spot treat 

Gently exfoliating your back can help to unclog pores and reduce bacne. Just be careful exfoliating around any active blemishes. Once you’ve exfoliated, it’s important to moisturize and spot treat any trouble areas. 

‘Redhead Friendly’ approved beauty recommendation: QTH Eczema Psoriasis Body Scrub Salicylic Acid & Dead Sea Salt for Body Acne Treatment

6. Look into changing your diet

It’s common to get bacne in the summer, but if you’re seeing persistent bacne with no relief, it may be time to change your diet. Opt for more veggies, less red meats, and less processed food, salt, and sugar. 

7. Talk with a dermatologist

Your bacne may be part of a larger skin issue, or you may need prescription medication to treat it. Speak with your dermatologist if you have persistent bacne that won’t clear up.  

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