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How Redheads Can Get Rid Of An Itchy Scalp

Scratching your itchy scalp a bit too often? We all know redheads have extremely sensitive skin. It’s second nature to keep hand lotion, body lotion and even face serums in your purse to keep your skin from drying. But what about your scalp? Many of you might be suffering from itchiness and dryness, and the good news is there are many ways to cure it. There are some redheads who might actually have a severe case of dandruff (dead skin of the scalp), but some simply need to give their skin a little moisture.


We spoke with Diane De Fiori, MD, from the Melbourne Dermatology & Rosacea Treatment Clinic. “I recommend using an anti-dandruff medical shampoo containing pyrithione zinc, selenium sulfide and/or salicylic acid. All these ingredients treat inflammation, dead cell buildup and help eliminate small amounts of fungi which lead to itching,” says Fiori. “But remember, these shampoos tend to be made for men and oilier scalps, and aren’t very friendly to dry hair.”

Fiori recommends shampooing twice, very thoroughly the first time, and leaving the second application in for 5-10 minutes to maximize efficiency. But, she does warn, “Do NOT condition after using a medical shampoo because this can hamper the treatment.”


If an anti-dandruff shampoo isn’t working for you, an alternative is a scalp massage product. “Leave it on overnight three times a week for results which can last a month or longer,” says Fiori.

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If you’re looking for shampoos that are less medicinal but can also be very effective against both itchiness and dryness; rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree and licorice are great all-natural ingredients options. “Just make sure they’re concentrated,” Fiori says.

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She also recommends a dry hair mask containing shea butter, carrot oil, coconut oil and nut proteins, like hazelnut and almond. Mix the natural products together and apply them to the scalp. Then, cover hair with plastic wrap and leave it on for an hour or two.


If your condition is extremely dry and flaky, you may be suffering from psoriasis. In this case, we recommend visiting your dermatologist to get proper suggestions pertaining to the situation.


Photo via Getty Images | Updated: September 10, 2021