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6 of the Best Hats to Protect Redheads from The Sun

Spoiler Alert: It's not baseball caps!

When you’re looking to protect your face and eyes from the sun, baseball caps are often the hat of choice. But, did you know they aren’t actually a great option for facial protection? Dr. Samathan Ellis, a board-certified dermatologist and clinical instructor at UC Davis in California, posted a super informative Instagram video showing us exactly why baseball caps aren’t protecting your face from the sun:

Like Dr. Samathan Ellis explains, baseball caps are great for protecting your eyes and giving you a little extra shade, but they should always be worn in conjunction with facial SPF. And, you must reapply it every 2 hours.

When looking for the right hat, you will want something that has a wide enough brim to cover your whole face. If you love straw hats, we’re all for it but make sure the weave is tight and does not let light through. 

Hats can offer you shade and facial protection, and some hats can even offer protection for your neck and shoulders — but you have to find the right one. Here are 6 hats that will actually help to protect your whole face this summer. But, make sure to always wear SPF with your hat of choice: 

1. Solbari UPF 50+ Protective Everyday Sun Hat

Solbari UPF 50+ Protective Everyday Sun Hat: $49

2. Jenni Kayne Cotton Canvas Sun Hat

Jenni Kayne Cotton Canvas Sun Hat: $125

3. Eric Javits ‘Hampton’ Straw Sun Hat

Eric Javits ‘Hampton’ Straw Sun Hat: $260

4. Leotruny Super Wide Brim Bucket Hat UPF50+

Eric Javits ‘Hampton’ Straw SLeotruny Super Wide Brim Bucket Hat UPF50+: $30

5. GAP Straw Sun Hat

GAP Straw Sun Hat: $50

6. DRIONO Wide Brim Bucket Hat – UPF50+

DRIONO Wide Brim Bucket Hat - UPF50+: $19

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