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Non-Redhead Tries to Go Red and It’s a TikTok Disaster

Have you seen this trending video?

A creator on TikTok tried going “ginger” recently and it was quite the disaster. After buying several hair dye products at the beauty supply store, TikToker Emma Langford proceeds to dye her bleached blonde hair red. 

After mixing up a bright orange concoction, Emma put it on her head and soon realized something was wrong. The colors began to separate leaving her hair patches of yellow and orange.

Dyeing hair red is super popular right now and 2023 trends show it staying around. While many people may be tempted to skip the salon and save some money, it might not be a good idea. The perfect ginger shade is often hard to find, and mixing custom colors is something that’s best left to a professional.

If you want to opt for a little hair upgrade at home, try a color-depositing shampoo or gloss. But, our suggestion is to head to the salon. You won’t regret it!


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