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Get the Look: City Sleek Ponytail

By: Kiera Doyle, NYC Editorial Hair Stylist

A low ponytail is a great look for busy work days, traveling and vacationing. It is chic without trying too hard and takes about 1 minute to accomplish. If you want to achieve this look, but with a little ‘city sleeker edge’ to it, see the steps below:

1. Prep hair with a smooth straight blowout, if necessary, use a flat iron.

2. Using a comb, create center part and divide a vertical section of hair (a few inches in width) from the right temple to the ear. Pin away.

3. Comb the remaining hair from the right and left side back into a low pony. Secure with a redhead hair tie.

4. Use hairspray to keep fly-a-ways at bay.

5. Now, take the small section from the right side (spray with aerosol hairspray) comb it down and wrap several times around the base of ponytail.

6. Pin loose ends beneath base with redhead bobby pins.

7. Complete look with shine spray for the ultimate city slicker.


Photo Credit: Aveda