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7 Super Unique Halloween Costumes for Redheads

It’s time to choose your redhead Halloween costume!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Pumpkin spice aroma in the air, snuggly scarves sneaking out of closets and Halloween right around the corner.

It may be a month away, but All Hallow’s Evening only lasts a day, so we may as well start reveling in the spirit of the season now. Sneak a pair of fishnets under your Friday night dress for a witchy vibe or try a dusky copper eye look if it’s too early to start decorating. If you are a fan of the festival, you’ll surely have plans for the big night – and now is the time to get costume planning.

As a redhead, it can be easy to turn to cliché costumes. We’ve all heard before, “Have you ever thought of dressing up as Jessica Rabbit or Ariel from The Little Mermaid? You know, all these costumes have red hair.” Been there, done that, as have most redhaired gals.

Sometimes a classic costume works, but if you’re looking for something unique, effective and a little alternative, look no further.

1. Joan Holloway from Mad Men

Everyone with Netflix and a penchant for retro fashion should watch Mad Men, especially if you’re seeking a kick-ass redhead role model. Christina Hendricks provides just that, with her character Joan Holloway, who proves that bombshells can have brains and wit to boot too. Joan’s style is classic, sexy and sophisticated, and can easily be recreated with just a few key pieces – a well-structured dress, red lips and a pristine hairstyle.

2. Scarlett Johansson from Black Widow 

Thankfully any stigma around red hair has, for the most part, been overthrown. One day, maybe people will appreciate spiders too… or maybe not. Either way, the 2017 movie, Black Widow, certainly makes a strong case for arachnids and auburn locks. This costume can be quick and easy – black leggings and a tight leather jacket are basically all you need, with your most comfortable black autumn boots.

A cute idea for a couple might be to wear a costume similar to this as Jean Grey and pair it with X-Men’s Cyclops!

3. Molly Weasley from Harry Potter 

Halloween sometimes gets bad press for its overly skimpy costumes, and hey, sometimes we need an excuse for super short skirts and tiny tops. If you’re like me and believe autumn is for cuddling up as opposed to stripping down though, this could be the costume for you. Molly Weasley knows you can be hardcore and super cozy at the same time.  Layer floral tea dresses and mid-length skirts with chunky knits and wooly scarves. A wand, knitting needles or a howler letter are all excellent props too!

4. David Bowie

A fashion icon, pop star and true chameleon. Though not a natural redhead, David Bowie certainly knew how to wear it. Because of the many style highlights and fashion statements throughout his career, there are hundreds of ways to dress like him. Even now, Marc Jacobs has a pair of palazzo pants named after him. Think metallic, bright colors, clashing patterns and quirky accessories – the bolder the better.

5. Julia Roberts in the classic Pretty Woman

Of course, you could go for the iconic red dress from her transformation scenes, but the tall boots and bizarre cut out numbers are much more interesting. The perm is also making a major comeback, so maybe this is the time to test if curls are going to be your new thing. Bonus points if you can pull off carrying alternating between a croissant and pancake in your hand for the night, switching them while nobody’s looking.

6. Ygritte from Game of Thrones 

Cozy and low maintenance, this is an excellent choice for Game of Thrones fans. Just wrap up in as many furry items as you can find, pick up a bow and you’re good to go. Bedhead and minimal makeup finish this look off, but don’t forget a little extra blush for that “Winter Is Coming” rosy flush!

And if anyone spotting your red hair and bow and arrow ask if you’re Disney’s Brave, just hiss “You know nothing!” and walk away.

7. Barb from Stranger Things 

This is for all those Stranger Things fans out there. Give justice to Barb with this simple, but fun costume. You may even have a ruffled blouse and jeans in your closet. Grab some books, simple big glasses (found at your local drugstore) and pin your hair up if you have long hair. Keep it simple with the makeup — maybe just a nude lip and light foundation.

Rock it like a Redhead!