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Fashion Week Inspirations for Your Redhead Wardrobe

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Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week & London Fashion Week have come to an end and there is a ton of inspiration for the months ahead. Here are some tips for your redhead wardrobe:

1. Mixed Prints: This fashion statement is still going strong! Choose prints with grey, brown, midnight blue, fennel green, rustic red and crystal blue.

2. Soviet Union Inspired Looks: Strong, stern prints are all the rage, especially when paired with a studded belt. Choose prints with bright, folk-inspired florals with a tough edge.

3. Express Yourself: Redheads are full of personality, so bring that to your closet this season with pops of vivid violet-blue and yellows.

4. Accessorize: Pair your great pieces with faux fur, ballerina flats and even colorful tights.

Rock it like a Redhead!