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Eyelash perm: What are eyelash perms and are they safe for redheads?

Redheads, perms are making a comeback, but it may not be what you think. When we think of perms, we think of big hair from the ’80s. Think Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman.

A new beauty trend is taking charge in many salons… but it has to do with perming your eyelashes!

An eyelash perm is a permanent relaxer that flips your lashes up in order to make them curl.

Yes, perfectly flipped lashes and no eyelash curler is required. A way to say goodbye to stick straight lashes without the commitment with eyelash extensions? Sign us up.

We sat down with Maud’s of Beverly Hill’s owner, Victoria O’Brien, to get the 101 on what eyelash perms are all about.

H2BAR: Is there a standard rod size when perming, or does it depend on the size of the eyelashes?

VO: The perming rods used in traditional lash perms have been replaced (in most cases) by a curved silicon pad. We use the silicone pads as the results are more predictable. The pads do come in different sizes. The size required will depend on the length of the lashes we are working with. The shorter the lashes, the smaller the curve required. The longer the lashes, the longer the curve required.

H2BAR: How long does the process last? How does do the lashes stay curled?

VO: We allow 45 minutes for the entire treatment. The lashes stay lifted for 5-7 weeks. However, some clients have the results last longer.

H2BAR: What kind of gel is used?

VO: We don’t use a gel, we use a lotion. A perming lotion is applied to the lashes for a short time, followed by a setting lotion, followed by a nourishing oil which stays on the lashes for the first 24 hours.

H2BAR: Can you get your lashes tinted if you also get them permed?

VO: Absolutely! In fact, most clients do. The lift and tint is a perfect combo.

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A redhead’s before & after. Obtained by tinting and perming. 

H2BAR: We’ve heard it takes a day or two for the lashes to fluff out, is that true?

VO: The lashes have a ‘wet look’ for the first 24 hours because of the nourishing oil. (I quite like the wet look!) After it’s removed they are back to their fluffy self.

H2BAR’s own redhead advice:

Bottom line: Yes, eyelash perming is safe. But, since redheads can be extremely sensitive around the eye area and skin, we recommend having a patch test done before committing to the entire procedure.

Do your research and find a trusted professional in your area who you feel 100% confident in. Ask a lot of questions (the more questions the better, especially about the gel/lotion being used) and make sure to go in for a consultation if necessary.

Rock it like a Redhead!