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AnnaJo Terrill

Blonde or Red: Which Look Is Best On These Celeb Redheads?

By: Anna Terrill 

Anything Blondes Can Do, Redheads Can Do Better

You may be surprised to learn that some of our favorite celebrity redheads have dabbled as blondes. But it’s no surprise that all of these women usually return to their red roots.  These seven redheads will show you why anything blondes can do, we can do better.

1. Nicole Kidman.  First, let’s take a look at one of the loveliest ladies in red.  If you’ve ever seen my favorite movie, Moulin Rouge, you know that Nicole Kidman owns that red on red on red look.  Even with a strawberry hair color, she looks divine in a red, but when she goes too blonde, she loses something in a red dress.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s still beautiful, but there’s something striking about a redhead wearing red lipstick in a red dress that just isn’t the same for a blonde.


2. Emma Stone.  And red is not the only statement lip color redheads can pull off.  Ever seen a redhead rock a pink lip?  I know, I know–typically, redheads are taught to avoid pink.  I know I have been my whole life.  Pink is just one of those colors better suited for a blonde or brunette, right?  But, let’s take Emma Stone for example.  Emma has worn a bright lip both with blonde and red hair.  So, which do you think suits her better?  I’d give you my opinion, but I think it goes without saying.


3. Amy Adams.  The first time I remember seeing Amy Adams was alongside another gorgeous redhead, Debra Messing, in The Wedding Date.  Except I didn’t even know that Amy was one of us, because she was sporting a blonde do.  She wore a lot of white in the movie–she was the bride, after all, but all the white dresses with Amy’s fair skin and blonde hair seemed to wash her out.  I remember making a mental note for myself that white dresses did not look good with fair skin.  However, that is not actually true!  White dresses can look great with pale skin, as long as you’ve got the red hair to bring out a little color in the ensemble.  Just look at the difference a sleek red ponytail can make over the sleek blonde ponytail Amy wore in the movie.

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4. Jessica Chastain.  Another color I have avoided most of my life is yellow.  I was under the impression that, like pink, yellow clashed with my red hair, and, like white, yellow washed out my fair skin.  It took one photo of Jessica Chastain on the cover of Vogue to completely change my opinion.  I first fell in love with Jessica Chastain in the movie The Help, where she played the bleached-blonde Celia Foote (pictured below). She would never dye her red hair, so she only wears blonde wigs for roles. I love her fashion choices too. I remember when the November 2013 issue of Vogue arrived at my house, featuring J-Chas in a stunning yellow gown.  Since then, I have paid close attention to the colors she wears on the red carpet, and the girl is the queen of the yellow dress.  But the best part is, she’s not wearing just one shade of yellow, she’s wearing them all, and I promise you Miss Celia’s blonde wig is nowhere to be seen.

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5. Julianne Moore. There is a theory that the Oscars don’t favor redheads, but Julianne Moore proved to everyone that theories are all relative when she won the Academy Award this year for Best Actress.  Julianne has been donning a shorter do these days–a nice mid-length lob, which reminded me of that time she wore a similar length in blonde.  Although I’m sure the look was role-specific, short or long, I’m glad Julianne usually stays loyal to her red roots.


6. Julia Roberts.  Speaking of Oscar-winners, we can’t forget the glorious auburn-maned Julia Roberts!  Here’s the thing, Julia Roberts always looks great.  She may be the one person on this list who looks just as good with blonde hair as she does with red, which makes this comparison rather difficult for me.  So, instead of basing this appraisal solely on looks, I’m going to base it on her movies.  Anyone who says Steel Magnolias, Pretty Woman, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Notting Hill, and Runaway Bride aren’t Julia Robert’s best movies is wrong–sorry, no way around it.  Any true chick-flick connoisseur would agree.  And, the one thing all of these movies have in common (other than maybe Richard Gere) is that Julia is rocking red hair in them.  Sure, she won the Oscar for her role as the blonde Erin Brockovich, but she’s received far more noms and Golden Globe wins for her movies with red hair.  Plus, what color was her hair when she actually accepted her Oscar in that famous black and white Valentino gown?  Wasn’t blonde, that’s for sure.


7. Connie Britton.  This list would not be complete without a shout-out to everyone’s favorite Strawberry-Blonde Southern Belle, Connie Britton.  Connie Britton can do no wrong, in my opinion.  She has played three of the best roles on television–Tammy Taylor, Vivien Harmon, and Rayna James; she’s an ambassador for the anti-poverty agency of the UN; she has a precious adopted son from Ethiopia; and then, of course, there’s HER HAIR!  As Laura Benanti put it, Connie Britton is a golden unicorn and her hair is like angel wings.  There’s not much to criticize here, except to say that I love Connie’s hair even more when she goes a little more strawberry and a little less blonde.  Look at her!  Her glowing skin is always flawless, but when those curls that perfectly frame her face are red curls instead of blonde, her skin somehow looks even more pristine.


These ladies prove once and for all that not all that glitters is gold!  Red hair will never be outshined by golden locks.  Sorry blondes, but the truth is redheads have more fun.

Rock it like a Redhead!