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Extraordinary Portraits Erase Stereotype That Redheads Are Always White

Photographer Michelle Marshall captures African Caribbean redheads as part of her project, MC1R.

Redheads come in all shapes, sizes and not all have the stereotypical fair skin.

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It is true that there is a redhead in every ethnicity and continent in the world. This is what resulted in London-based photographer Michelle Marshall’s quest to capture as many Afro Caribbean redheads as possible as part of her project, MC1R.

As documented by the news outlet, Mic, Marshall commented saying, “To make sense of what’s around us we put people in boxes – it’s a natural reflex and is not intended in a malicious way. I’m hoping that with these pictures that reflex changes a bit.”

The project is named MC1R because (as we all know) it is the gene responsible for red hair.

Take a look at Marshall’s beautiful photos below:

the MC1R series the MC1R series the MC1R series the MC1R series the MC1R series the MC1R series

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photo source: Michelle Marshall


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