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6 Ways to Fake Clean Red Hair

When it comes to women getting ready in the morning, it can be a very time-consuming process. Either it’s Monday morning and we don’t want to get out of bed, or we’re a little pressed for time and can’t fit everything in before we have to head out the door.

For me, the most time-consuming part of my morning routine is my red hair –– specifically washing it. From drying to styling, it can take up to an hour for my red hair to look great. However, there are some ways to work around this:

Here are 6 ways to fake clean hair:

1. Dry shampoo

Of course, the most common one is using dry shampoo. It’s probably the quickest fix to clean hair in a pinch, and you can always bring it with you and use it in the bathroom of your school or workplace, so there’s no need to always do it at home.

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2. Baby powder

My old college roommate used baby powder every single day. Putting baby powder in the hair acts like a dry shampoo by absorbing the excess oils from your hair. This allows it to not look as greasy and it lasts all day. It also gives a fresh and clean smell to the hair even though you didn’t wash it that day.

Tip: Don’t use too much or the whiteness of the product will lighten your red hair.

3. Cornstarch

Cornstarch works well because it is a corn flour which absorbs the oil from your hair. If you’re worried that the cornstarch residue will cause your hair to look faded, mix cinnamon with cornstarch equal parts. Read more here!

4. Fun hairstyles

Sometimes all you have to do is wear your hair up to fake the look of clean hair. When your hair is down, it’s more obvious that it’s not clean because the natural oils can part the hair in funky ways. It’s less noticeable when it’s up in a beautiful updo. The two simple updos that I go with are ponytails and sock buns.

5. Thick headbands:

This is sometimes the only way to successfully wear the hair down when you didn’t wash it! By wearing a thick headband, your greasy spots will go unnoticed, since the top of your head is where the grease is mostly seen.

6. Braids:

If you can braid hair quickly, this is also a great way to hide oil. The oil makes the braid stay in place better than when hair is clean.

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These are just a few ways to fake clean your hair, but it’s all about experimentation. Find the best style for you, and make it your go-to.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photo Credit: Model, Luca Hollestelle. Photographer, Agata Serge.