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Podcast S3, Ep6: All About Couperose Skin with Guest/CEO of No B.S. Skincare, Diana Briceno

Those with natural red hair have thinner skin than people with darker hair. Redheads are prone to what doctors call “couperose skin.” Couperose skin is defined as visibly dilated capillaries; these capillaries are most likely to show up around the nose and cheek area and can look and feel similar to rosacea. Because a redhead’s skin is thinner, you might even feel like you bruise more too. 

Characteristics of this skin type:

1. Capillaries can be seen on the cheeks and nose.

2. Red patches on the face, neck and décolleté.

3. Uneven and blotchy skin tone.

4. Sensitive skin prone to irritations.

5. Skin is dry and feels tight.

On Episode 6 of Season 3, our special guest is No B.S. Skin Care CEO, Diana Briceno. She speaks to the importance of caring for the largest organ on our bodies, especially for those who are more likely to be impacted, like redheads. She founded No B.S. Skin Care for every type of skin tone as a “no b.s.” solution, natural and cruelty-free — it’s revolutionizing skincare with clean formulas, real results, and radically honest beauty culture.

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We ask her the following questions:

1.We feel like all redheads need “No B.S.” in their skincare routine. Redheads suffer from so many breakouts and irritations. The topic for this podcast is all about couperose skin.  For those of us who have extremely sensitive skin, what should we know about caring for it?

2. In an industry full of miracle-in-a-bottle marketing, No B.S. Skin Care is revolutionizing skincare with clean formulas, real results, and a radically honest beauty culture. How did this come about? Did you see LOTS of B.S. in products and were sick of it?

3. On the website, we saw that the FDA banned 11 toxic and harmful ingredients from skincare. And No B.S. banned 1,500. Wow! Can these toxic ingredients be causing those with couperose skin to have these common irritations? Tell us more about this.

4. Do products with no B.S. work? So many products like retinol or “miracle-working” items are full of chemicals. We heard some scientists say that the chemical is what makes them work.  We also see No B.S. has a natural retinol. What do you say to those who say chemicals + all the B.S. make for good skin?

5. What is 1 product every person with sensitive skin needs?

She recommends:

No B.S. Salicylic Acid Face Toner. “I always recommend an alcohol-free and sulfate-free toner.”

No B.S. Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum. “It works like a magnet for moisture,” Diana says.”

Always wear SPF!

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