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Christina Aguilera is Now a Bombshell Redhead

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By: Brenna Gray

Christina Aguilera is known as a powerhouse vocalist and a co-judge/coach on “The Voice”. She has always experimented with her hair color, but now she’s taken her experimenting to the next level of pure awesomeness. This may be one of her most drastic changes of all. She has gone from her signature platinum blonde hair to a fiery, complementary red.

She unveiled her new makeover at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser on June 6, 2016. Shah Karegar dyed Christina’s hair a rich auburn hue and Chris Appleton gave her some retro, sexy, Old Hollywood waves. Her makeup artist, Etienne Ortega also proved that redheads can look great with a bold, matte, red lip color, a black cat-eye, and a lot of lashes.

Her classic red look may be one of her best looks yet as it is retro-inspired and reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit from “Roger Rabbit”. Scrolling through all the comments on her Instagram post, it’s obvious that her fans love her new look. They are saying things like “She’s gorg”, “What a babe” and “Honey, red is your color.” Many other websites agree that the singer looks amazing as a redhead.

Twitter is also loving her look:

Since Aguilera is known to mix up her look quite often, I doubt the red will stay long. However, in my biased and un-biased opinion, I think it may be one of her best looks ever! Even though she is not a natural redhead, what are your thoughts on her new amped up look?

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Rock it like a Redhead!