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Chemical Peel Treatment 101: The Basics for Redheads

With one of our favorite brands: PCA Skin!

A chemical peel is a chemical solution applied to the skin that causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel off. The new, regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. Since redheads have sensitive skin, many think they cannot have a chemical peel. That is simply not true.

What does a chemical peel exactly do? It improves texture, tone, fine lines, wrinkles, acne and pigmentation.

Here are some FAQ about about redheads + chemical peels:

1. Choose a trusted esthetician and chemical peel. This is probably the most important step in your chemical peel process. It’ll ensure you will have the best, most effective peel that works for your skin and lifestyle. We love PCA Skin peels. They work well for redheads and even have one for sensitive skin, called a Sensi Peel. You can find a certified PCA professional near you

2. The process can be ‘strange’ if it’s your first time. Don’t worry! Your esthetician will be your guide. Immediately after applying the products for the peel, your skin will warm, a bit tingly and slightly itchy. When the peel is over (5-7 days), your skin will GLOW.

3. The post-care is very important. Do not wash your face the night you get a peel. You’ll want to have all the products fully absorb into your skin. Do not wear makeup — mascara and lip products are okay. Discontinue any use of retinols and be sure to wear sunscreen daily. Use the post-peel products given to you after the treatment and moisturize whenever you’re feeling tight or dry. Vaseline and Aquaphor may be used on areas that are really dry and peeling.

4. Don’t worry about the peeling. Peeling is actually exfoliation. This is your skin’s way of shedding dead or damaged surface cells in order to create healthy new cells.

5. Don’t pick! This can be a challenge for some, but try not to pick any of the skin that is peeling off your skin. Use gentle eyebrow scissors if large flakes are hanging down. Trust us, you’ll want the skin to do its thing and not be interrupted by picking, rubbing or itching.

6. Don’t worry if you don ‘t peel. This doesn’t mean the peel didn’t work. This depends on your skin, the cycle of skin shedding and the peel itself. If you don’t see it, it just means your skin is exfoliating is happening at a cellular level.

7. The result? Beautiful, glowing skin after 7-10 days!

Here is what to expect from your skin after a chemical peel:

Day 1-2: Skin will have a little burning sensation. This is completely normal! You may start to see peeling on Day 2.

Day 3-5: Peel time!

Day 6-7: Skin will resume back to normal. You may see some peeling but it’ll be very minimal.

Day 8-9: Your skin will be super soft. Get ready for people to say, “You’re glowing!” See the after-effects in the video below.

We visited KUR Skin Lab in New York City last October to have a PCA SKIN chemical peel and see how it worked with sensitive redhead skin.