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Can Redheads Have Botox?

Every woman, especially a redhead, simply wants to look good for their age and have great skin. You won’t find judgement here if you are curious about using botox. But, it is known that women with sensitive skin can bruise due to botox injections. For this type of information, it’s always best to talk to the best about skin procedures, so we consulted Dr. Paul Munsanje, a cosmetic dermatologist in Dublin, Ireland. He is a specialist when it comes to Dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections, and since 2007 he has performed over 8,000 treatments.

“I encourage a ‘less is more’ approach to non-surgical treatments and believe the holy grail of results consists of subtle, natural and (ideally) deniable facial rejuvenation,” says Dr. Munsanje. “To encourage my clients to try this approach, I offer free top-ups of treatments and like to break full-liquid facelift treatments into several sessions to ensure a gradual rejuvenation.”

So, for the big question: Can redheads have botox? Will we leave the office terribly bruised?

Dr. Munsanje answers, “Usually when a redhead comes in to see me, I warn them that statistically they are more likely to bruise more than others. Studies have shown that although redheads are more likely to bruise, when scientists analysed the parts of the blood involved with bruising in redheads, there are no significant differences in numbers of platelets etc compared to blondes or brunettes.  If there is a difference between redheads and brunettes blood it is very subtle.” In his practice, he hasn’t found redheads to be more prone to bruising than non-redheads, and gets about a 1% bruise rate with botox.

But, he does know one way redheads are different. “One advantage of being a redhead is the increased likelihood of freckles, which can disguise smaller lines, meaning they may not get Botox as frequently or early.”

Well, that makes us feel special now doesn’t it? Rock it like a Redhead!