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August 2018 H2BAR Box: Redheads Have More Fun

Fabulous products for fabulous redheads!

This month’s box was all about celebrating the vibrancy that comes with being a fabulous redhead! With summer ending, an ennui can bring you down, so get pepped up again with these fabulous products from the August 2018 H2BAR Box.

1.Coastal Scents Sleek Silhouette Palette, $15 Value: 

This came along at a perfect time as I was playing the Madeline Kahn role in “Young Frankenstein: The Musical”. It was such a great palette: three highlighters, three blushes, three bronzers — and the shades can even be used to fill in redhead brows. My contour looked gorgeous, plus I let the other ladies in the cast test it out. They loved how pigmented all the colors were, particularly the blushes. I was a little worried because I wasn’t sure if the makeup was strong for the audience to see. However, you could see it perfectly because the powders are buildable and make a statement. I love that they can be subtle or intense. This is a gorgeous palette we were lucky to get in this box.

2. H2BAR ‘Red Hair Don’t Care’ Makeup Bag, $30 Value:

I love this custom bag so much! It is such a celebration of how much fun it is to be a redhead. It also gives you assurance to go into the world with your red hair flowing and your confidence showing.

3. Red Aspen Andi Natural-Looking Lashes, $16 Value:

These are so beautiful! Here’s the deal, I have what friends have described as “Disney princess eyes”. I have big blue eyes surrounded with (fortunately) long lashes, so I rarely feel the need for false lashes. Because these were supposed to be natural-looking, I decided to wear them to something more natural, an end-of-the-season celebration for my local, community theater. None of my friends even knew I was wearing them and I almost forgot! These were so comfortable. I am a low-maintenance lady when it comes to my cosmetics routine. I usually hate false lashes. I have been known to decide last minute to not wear them in shows, even taking them off as I go onto the stage. However, if all false lashes felt as natural as these, I would wear falsies all the time!

4. Juice Organics Repairing Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Mask, $5 Value:

Back in the May 2018 H2BAR Box, we were lucky to get samples of other Juice Organics Shampoos and Conditioners; so going into this, I knew the shampoo and conditioner would be great. I will say, if you don’t like coconut scent, you will not like the shampoo and conditioner duo. However, there are plenty of other Juice Organics products with different scents that are incredible.

The Hair Mask is 1000% one of the best products I’ve ever used. As previously stated, I am a fan of low-maintenance products. I think I have thought hair masks are way more high-maintenance than they are, when they were, in fact, made for lazy people like me. It kept my hair soft, clean, and beautiful for DAYS. Note here: I only wash my hair every 3-4 days because it is very thick.

5. Freeze It Mega Hair Spray. $3 Value:

I was in a play, as stated above. I was playing a diva with an entourage. She had to have perfect nails, makeup, and hair at all times. The thing that scared me the most was the hair. I am not good at doing my hair. I can’t braid well, I hate how long it takes to straighten and/or curl it, etc. However, this stuff made it so easy. I would pull my hair into the curly bouffant and spray this over it and…it would stay. I mean STAY. Through the 2.5 hour show, dinner afterward, getting home, all of it, my hair wouldn’t move. I will say, you definitely have to wash your hair after using this, but it’s 100% worth it and I’m definitely going to recommend it to all of my acting friends.

6. PCA Hydrator Plus Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $5 Value:

This is not a fancy bottle, nor does it seem like a particularly special sunscreen. However, this stuff works. I was moving my sister into her new apartment on what appeared to be the sunniest day of the summer. I reapplied only once and I didn’t get a sunburn at all. It’s really delicate and isn’t too thick or sticky, as some sunscreens tend to be.

7. Goddess Garden Organics Packettes, $3 Value:

I was super excited about these because I love when H2BAR gives me products that comprise a daily regimen, in this case, a daily priming moisturizer with SPF and a night serum. Just so it doesn’t surprise you, be warned: the primer is THICK and STICKY. This goes away after you put makeup on over it, but it’s a little bit surprising when you first put it on. The night serum is really nice and actually made my skin feel incredibly soft the next morning.

8. Miss Spa Chocolate Crème Mask Chocolate, $5 Value:

This was absolutely amazing! I was a little scared of it because of the heating aspect of the product, however, there was no need to fear it. I finally finished the run of our theater show and my skin was ridiculously dry and gross from how much makeup I had to wear. I decided to treat myself to this mask and it was so perfect. It cleaned my pores, softened my skin, and made me smell like chocolate. Absolute bliss.

With summer ending, it’s easy to feel lackluster, but with these incredible products, you’ll feel like your fabulous redhead self in no time at all. No matter what, don’t forget to Rock it like a Redhead!