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“Anne of Green Gables” Coming Back To TV

Fingers crossed she has red hair.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has announced Anne of Green Gables, (the popular 1985 TV mini series) is coming back to the screen. This time it will simply be titled, Anne. Like most redheads, the Anne of Green Gables book and television show were hard to resist.

The story revolves around an imaginative orphan named Anne Shirley. She goes on a journey of self-acceptance after settling into life with a supportive and loving family. So, it’s no surprise that redheads everywhere will be excited about this. An even cooler announcement, the female-led team of award-winning producers and writers including Breaking Bad‘s Moira Walley-Beckett, will come together to create Anne, an eight episode mini-series. It is set to air in 2017.

Now that the announcement has broke, we all want to know, “Anne will have red hair, right?”

Recently, Hollywood and producers alike, felt the backlash when it was announced that Chloe Graece Moretz, who will be playing Ariel in upcoming brand new version of The Little Mermaid will not have red hair.

Two weeks later Moretz commented saying, “I actually don’t know what the hair color’s gonna be! That got so blown out of proportion. We don’t have a director attached to the project yet, so once that happens, we’re going to get creative and all powwow and create our version of The Little Mermaid and what we want it to be,” she said.

We can’t imagine Anne herself not having red hair, but at this point, we simply do not know.

According to a CBC press release, “while the new series will follow a similar storyline to the book that millions of readers around the world know and love, it will also chart new territory.”

Our fingers are crossed. Rock it like a Redhead!

Watch below for some of our favorite Anne of Green Gables scenes: