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Our Honest Redhead Review of The Ordinary Hair Serum

Everything You Need to Know About This Viral Serum

TikTok is back at it with another viral hair care product. This time it’s a hair growth serum from beauty brand The Ordinary. The serum is said to thicken and provide voluminous while also promoting regrowth around the temple. 

Hair loss and thinning of the hair are more prevalent than ever because it’s a side effect of COVID-19, and some who tested positive (months and months ago) are still suffering from thinness of the hair. This means people are on the hunt for a product to get that hair back to how it looked before.

According to Shape Magazine, “The formula contains various ingredients with hair benefits, such as Redensyl, which activates hair follicle stem cells to improve hair growth, increasing the number of strands on the scalp aka hair density. It also includes Procapil to help increase blood flow to the scalp, and Baicapil to stimulate hair growth and increase hair density.”

There are also ingredients like caffeine and castor oil, both of which are known to help promote healthier, stronger hair and a healthy scalp

There is no magic cure-all for hair regrowth, but products like this one can help the regrowth process be healthier and potentially reduce hair loss over a span of several months. 

After months of testing on natural red hair: there was an increase in the health of the hair and the strands felt thicker. There weren’t reactions with the scalp and overall, the hair looks and feels better.


Purchase The Ordinary Hair Serum: $18

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