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A Full Book Review of “How to be a Redhead”

"The “How to be a Redhead” book is a must have for any redhead out there."

By: Sassy Auburn

Anyone who knows me could tell you that I am exceptionally proud of my red hair. I live in a small community so to say that I “stand out” is an understatement. A few years ago, I decided to research the redheaded community a bit more and found out information that makes us redheads (even more) unique.

As a writer myself, I often need to look for facts about those with red hair. Whenever I do a search, it almost ALWAYS brings me to the website, I have found that I can always trust what I find there. The two sisters in charge of the site, Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti (natural redheads themselves), know their stuff.

I feel comfortable knowing someone out there GETS ME.

After learning many things from Adrienne and Stephanie and from their site, I couldn’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was to hear they were publishing a book. In their bio, or on social media, they frequently mention how redheads have to handle different situations when it comes to their skin, hair, fashion choices, etc.; and until, there were very little resources available.

Now, when I found out an actual book–for someone with hair like mine–was about to be available to us everywhere was so excited. I was so happy to know us gingers were finally going to be represented on paper.

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The How to be a Redhead book (HTBARb) starts off with what this book is about–red hair! It explains the different shades of red as well as the types and textures. They go over their tested and favorite ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved products for ALL types of red hair. In addition, they cover styling products, appliances, brushes, combs and more. Plus, they explain how to use them and the price ranges.

It is not very often that a redhead will find a product she can use and just stick with it. Most redheads, like me, are afraid to try something only to see it epically fail. These “go to” items are a huge help. Because I am also big on making my own products, I was happy to see recipes to help nurture my hair that I could make myself. They even showed some great hair styles that accentuate every type and length of red hair. Learning about other options and styles were a big plus.

When I first began reading, the thing that drew me in more than anything was the correlation between a redhead’s hair and skin. Redheads, for the most part, have very sensitive skin. Yes, I am one of them. The HTBARb explains the different skin types, products that are okay for a redhead to use, and how to use them correctly. It was nice to learn, depending on the type of skin you have, how to establish a “daily skin regimen” for your face. This will help reduce the chance of irritation, keep your skin soft and gently combat aging, The same goes for the body too, and of course Adrienne and Stephanie explain how to develop a body regimen for yourself as well. Again, DIY recipes are featured for those that want to go the natural and/or vegan route.

The “How to be a Redhead” book taught me I was using the wrong color corrector myself!

We couldn’t talk about redheads without talking about our best friend. No, not the girl you went shopping with last week.  I’m talking about SPF. There are SO many facts and details about how us redheads should protect our skin form sunburns and skin cancer. It is very important that a redhead familiarizes themselves with all of the terms and numbers that are referred to when discussing sun protection. The HTBARb covers it all!


When our hair and skin are taken care of, and we have protected ourselves from the sun, the next thing we may want to think about is getting a fabulous redhead makeup look. Adrienne and Stephanie talk about everything from nails and makeup tools to primers, foundations and concealers. They even touch on color correcting which can be a big help. I, myself, have a slightly yellowish skin tone. The HTBARb taught me I was using the wrong color corrector myself! Now I have a reason to go makeup shopping again so I can get the product and shade that is right for me.

Once we learn how to prep and prime the canvas, Adrienne and Stephanie give us tips on the best colored makeup items that go with our hair. They tell us their ‘Redhead Friendly’ favorites as well as their cost range too. In addition, they also teach how to achieve the best look with the products they have suggested. I found the biggest help was the “choosing the right lip color” chart. Lip products are my FAVORITE quick, pick-me-up on an off day, and I am anxious to try some of the shades suggested for my hair tone to brighten my personal look.

As a ginger, you are probably told a lot that you look like a famous person with red hair. I have been told my celebrity look alike is Debra Messing–I’ll take that! Whenever I see her on TV or in a movie, I pay close attention to see what she wears from head to toe. In the HTBARb, the sisters have even given you some tips to follow when picking out ‘Redhead Friendly’ fashion pieces. Of course, the tone of your red hair plays a big part in the colors that are best for you, but they even help you out with a chart that can point you in the right shade direction. From daily casual to office chic to red-carpet ready, there are colors and styles to fit every season and every redhead.

The “How to be a Redhead” book is a must have for any redhead out there. The information is valuable, the “How to’s” are easy to follow, and the product suggestions are helpful. As a redhead myself, I will treasure this book and use it as a reference when I need help with my redheaded ways. I also believe that others could benefit from this book: spas, fashion retailers, salons and others could pick up some much-needed tips if they are faced with working with a ginger. And if you have a redheaded family member? Use it to help select gifts they might like or–better yet–give the book as one.

The “How to be a Redhead” book is a must have for any redhead out there. The information is valuable, the “How to’s” are easy to follow, and the product suggestions are helpful. As a redhead myself, I will treasure this book..

Congratulations, Adrienne and Stephanie. You represented us–the strawberry blondes, coppers, gingers, auburns and classic redheads–with knowledge and class. Rock it like a Redhead!