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8 Redhead Celebrities When They Were Young

Can you guess who is who?

Babies and young kids are so cute, especially when they have red hair. We might be bias here at How to be a Redhead, but it’s hard not to. Get a pen and paper ready (or the notes section of you iPhone). It’s time for you to decide which redhead celebrity matches the photo below. Good luck!

1. Clue: He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Well, not really. But you get what we mean.

2. Clue: He makes us laugh. A lot.

3. One of the lyrics to his song is, “Tell her that she turns my cheeks the color of my hair.”

4. Clue: He’s the only redhead in a show about a present day family. And, to give it away, we proclaimed our love for him here
5. She told InStyle in 2013, “Yes, and as a child I didn’t like it because it made me different. But as I grew older and more comfortable, it became a badge of honor.”

6. Clue: She shined bright as a kid, especially in a remake of a Disney movie. She has had some hurdles in life, but has overcome them. Or so we hope.

7. She’s not a redhead anymore. Enjoys sticking her tongue out.

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8. Clue: Famous for starring in a 1985 movie. She sure does know how to pull off pink. We wish we could be in her club.

Do you think you got all 8 correct? If so, you’re a master at knowing your own kind. Find the answers below.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

1. Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint 2. Conan O’Brien 3. Ed Sheeran 4. Jesse Tyler Ferguson 5. Jessica Chastain 6. Lindsay Lohan 7. Miley Cyrus 8. Molly Ringwald