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Dana Hughes

7 Ways Redheads Can Style A Boring Outfit

Fashion rules are always different for those with red hair

Adding a dash of color to our outfits is not always easy, especially when you’re a redhead. Because of the flaming hair and fair skin, some colors might clash and not look complementary, which is why monochrome redhead fashion looks are sometimes preferred. And while that is great in itself, here are 7 simple ways redheads can add a splash of color to their wardrobe:

#1. A colorful necklace

This can always be a very simple way of adding a dash of color and drama to a one color ensemble. Look for statement pieces like an emerald necklace. Gemstone colors are heaven sent for redheads and will accentuate all their beautiful features.

Picture_1_emerald green statement necklace

#2. Makeup

Amp up your look with colorful lipstick or nail polish. Flaming red (with blue undertones) is one of the best lip colors for redheads, and you can really go to town with nail polish. Try neon colors, like blues, yellows and even gold.


#3. Belt

It’s always a good idea to invest in a gorgeous belt because it will save you from a pickle more than once. You don’t have to wear it only when you need it, but also to embellish your outfits and give them a bit of flair.


#4. Bag

Probably the easiest and most convenient way to add contrast and color to a unicolor outfit is by pairing it with a killer bag. You need to go crazy and not stop at the simple and undertoned ones. For example, try an elegant black rucksack.

Photo via Lucie Loves
Photo via Lucie Loves

#5. Tights

This is a particularly fun way of introducing color to your wardrobe. As a redhead it’s probably advisable to pick more muted shades and hues for your tights, but, if you are really crazy, go for the powerful ones as well. This includes patterns, drawings and embroideries on them.


#6. Gloves

They are classy, they are sassy and they are in trend. You can pick any length you want and even any color because with gloves it doesn’t really matter. If you want to be a little adventurous, you can buy yourself a nice pair of long black, leather gloves and watch them spark your entire outfit. Or you can play it bohemian and chic with some woolen white or colorful ones.


#7. Shoes

I bet you were expecting to see this particular item on the list and here it is. Last but definitely not least. Every true fashionista has a deep love for shoes and you can definitely bank on it for that coveted pop of color in your monochrome outfit. Just like with the gloves, there really are no restrictions for redheads when it comes to shoes, so let the shopping commence.

Photo via StitchFix
Photo via StitchFix


Adding color to any outfit is just a question of imagination. Whether it’s your belt or your shoes, the possibilities are endless and it’s all about having fun.

Rock it like a Redhead!

Main photo © Author, Dana Hughes