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7 Redhead Fashion Myths To Break This Spring

Updated: April 28, 2020

Many redheads think they cannot wear certain colors with their red hair. They either feel it’ll clash with their red hair (red, cranberry) or wash them out (white, beige, pink). It can take a redhead years to embrace color. We’re here to say redheads can wear any color. The trick? It has to be done right. Read on to learn some fashion myths every redhead should break this spring.

1. MYTH: Redheads can’t wear red.

Don’t be afraid of this color clashing with your red hair. Red looks stunning on a redhead. Red hair, red lipstick and a red dress is a triple threat on any redhead. If you’re a little weary, start off with red pants or a red skirt. You can also incorporate a red necklace and then build up to a red top, turtleneck and jumper.

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2. MYTH: Redheads can’t wear bright blue. 

Blue brings out the best features on a redhead. Try shades like baby blue or turquoise to really make your red hair pop. Pair either color with a bright fuchsia lip.

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3. MYTH: Redheads can’t wear pink.

Light pink or a deep, high-intensity pink like fuchsia are two ways you can incorporate this bright color into your wardrobe. Try it on a dress, jumper or even on your lips.

4. MYTH: Redheads can’t wear white.

There’s nothing like red hair, a white dress or blouse and a pop of pink lipstick. Another ‘redhead friendly’ triple threat. Pairing white with a pop of color on your lips will make the white not look washed out. Opt for a bright white instead of a yellow-based or beige-based white.

5. MYTH: Redheads can’t wear yellow. 

Yes, beauties, you can rock this gorgeous bright color. Try a yellow sundress in a shade that complements your skin tone (like yellow mustard or cool-toned yellow), or if you prefer, a piece of jewelry to add a hint of color to your outfit.

6. MYTH: Redheads can’t wear beige.

Beige is another color that is yay or nay in the redhead community. Go for a printed beige and pair it with a bright lip or earth-toned eyeshadow.

7. MYTH: Redheads can’t wear orange. 

Burnt orange is one of our favorite ‘redhead friendly’ colors. It is our go-to during the fall but we’re starting to see it more and more in the spring and summer months. Try a burnt orange tee, dress or scarf.

Rock it like a Redhead!