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Redheads: How to Wear White and Look Good

Updated: April 10, 2020

Many redheads think they cannot wear certain colors with their red hair. One of those colors being white. Here’s how to rock this trend all summer long:

1. Jeans

White jeans can be found in almost any store this season. They can be worn with a simple tank top or bright tunic.

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2. Sundress

Every redhead should have a white sundress in their wardrobe. The bright white will light up your face and contrast beautifully with your red hair. Pair it with a bold pink lip and highlighter. 

3. Shorts

These white high rise shorts are perfect for the warm months ahead. Pair with a bright blue or green top.

4. Denim Jacket

Every redhead should have a white denim jacket. Rock it over a floral sundress and wedges.

Accessory Tip:

The best accessory for a white outfit is gold. Gold wedges will dress up any white dress or white jeans, and you can pair them with gold jewelry. Big long necklaces are flirty and fun for the springtime. The gold will perfectly accent the bronze in your hair.

Makeup Tip:

Always wear a tad bit of bronzer, a bold lip and dark eye when rockin’ white or else it will wash out your redhead features.

Rock it like a Redhead!