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Evening Makeup for Redheads: 7 Tips from a Professional

Halloween, Christmas and holiday parties are right around the corner. Many makeup stereotypes tell redheads to stay away from dark makeup, but we always recommend a deep set eye for special occassions; the contrast with red hair is always stunning. To get expert advice from a professional, we consulted with Nancy Reagan from Bella Reina Spa in Delray Beach.

“I’m the perfect makeup expert to weigh in on redheads, or the MC1R gene, because I have three sisters who carry the recessive gene,” says Nancy. “The variety of shades of red hair, and the lighter eye colors gives redheads the ability to master many makeup looks for evening.”

Below are her tips for how redheads should attain a classic evening look:

1. Warmer-Toned Redheads: “The warmer-toned redheads, those with darker red hair and medium skin, should opt for cinnamon, coral, and brown colors.”

2. Cooler-Toned Redheads: “The cooler toned redheads, those with freckled skin and medium to light red hair, should opt for plum, gray, and chocolate brown. Again the eyes hold the drama with redheads because the red hair makes such a color statement. The cooler redheads can also opt for reds for evening with pinks for blush.”

3. Eyes Are Focal Point: “Keep the eyes the drama focal point with the hair. For evening, you will want to master the winged eyeliner look with dark browns and blacks.”

4. What to Stay Away From: “My personal advice is to stay away from purples as it pulls red from the rims of your eyes. If you love purple, apply a light eyeshadow in purple on the top rim of your eye and then swipe on eyeliner.”

5. TIP! Match Lipstick to Hair Color: “Match your lips and blush color to your hair color. The deeper your red hair, the deeper your lipstick.”

6. Concealer: “Generally, redheads are quite fair skinned so you shouldn’t weigh down your look with a heavy foundation. A light concealer will help cover up any minor imperfections, even skin tone as necessary, and add brightness without completely covering you up!”

7. Black Mascara: “Some makeup artists will tell you not to use black mascara on a redhead and while it may not be suitable for daily use, I think it adds amazing drama to an evening look.”


Rock it like a Redhead!