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7 Literary Redheads Who Rock Their Locks

By: Rosemary O. Fernandez

1. Pippi Longstocking:

As seen above, what’s not to love about Pippi and her signature red braids? She’s assertive, strong (superhumanly so – she can lift her horse with one hand), friendly, and competent. Plus, her father is a sea captain and she often embarks on tremendous adventures.

2. Anne Shirley, of Anne of Green Gables: 

This girl is smart, imaginative, and fiercely loyal: She gives up her scholarship and ambitions to stay home and keep Green Gables afloat. And who can forget her instant dislike of the boy who pokes fun at her flaming hair? Don’t worry, she forgives him after he apologizes – a lot.

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3. Lady Georgiana Rannoch, of The Royal Spyness Series:

This gal is 34th in line to the British throne in 1933, and even though she really doesn’t have much money, she manages just fine on her own thank you very much. She set up her own business and more often than not solves murder mysteries. The cover illustrations depict her as blonde, but her tresses are actually red in the descriptions, so she counts.


4. Nancy Drew:

Speaking of sleuths, the greatest girl detective of all sports a red mane. Her “titian hair” actually came about because of a printing error in which the blonde strands were printed with a reddish tint. So for subsequent stories, the writers just ran with it. A better mistake was never made.


5. Jamie Fraser, of the Outlander series:



6. Ron Weasley, of the Harry Potter series:

Oh Ronald. He’s perhaps the greatest sidekick ever. He’s loyal and funny and has magical powers – he’d have to in order to snag smarty-pants Hermione Granger. And he comes from a whole family of redheads, so the annual reunion is bound to be colorful.


7. Eloise Kelly, of the Pink Carnation series:

She’s a girl on a mission: Find out the identity of the Napoleonic era’s most mysterious spy, the Pink Carnation, for her dissertation. Being a savvy redhead she does, of course, and uncovers a whole new swashbuckling spy ring.


Who else should make the cut? Tell us your favorite literary heroes.

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