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6 Natural Ways To Grow Your Redhead Eyelashes

With products right in your kitchen!

By: Co-founder of How to be a Redhead, Stephanie Vendetti

In the 4th grade, I asked my mom why my super blonde lashes stuck straight out and were short like tree stumps.

Ever since I was a young redhead, I wanted long, thick eyelashes. But, who doesn’t? They shape your face and make your red hair pop even more. My mom’s advice was to apply petroleum jelly to my redhead eyelashes at night. So, I followed through with this at-home beauty hack for about 2 years and I must say, my lashes did feel a little longer and a whole lot healthier.

Over the years, I’ve learned about a number of products that enhance eyelashes and we will touch upon that in another article. But, for now, I want to focus on the commonplace household products you may not know you can apply to your lashes to naturally grow them.

Each product below can be applied with your finger or a clean mascara wand. If applying with your finger, make sure to wash hands first. Before you do anything, make sure all makeup is taken off, especially around the eyes. We also recommend applying the products right before bed. That way, you can catch up on your beauty rest while giving your lashes some TLC.

eyelash DIY


1. Petroleum Jelly: An oldie but goodie. We recommend Vaseline. It works as a great (and gentle) makeup remover too.

2. Coconut Oil: We recommend Spectrum Essentials Coconut Oil or Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Oil. This powerhouse product works well on your hair too. Read more here.

3. Olive Oil: Another oil that works great on hair and skin. Make sure it’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Nothing but the best for those lashes.

4. Castor Oil: We love Heritage Products’ Castor Oil because it is known to be an effective agent for thickening and re-growing hair.

I have been using castor oil on my lashes ever since I got my extensions taken out (about six months ago) and have noticed a big difference. The length of my lashes have grown and thickened.

5. Lavender Oil: Known to help with promoting healthy hair growth. Use Aura Cacia Essential Oil, 100% Pure.

6. Vitamin E Oil: Known to be a significant source in hair growth. We recommend Puritan’s Pride Vitamin E-Oil.

In the meantime, check out how to apply mascara to your redhead/blonde lashes:

Ready, set, lashes on fleek!