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Alyssa Showalter

5 Important Traveling Tips for Redheads When Flying

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By: Alyssa Showalter

Traveling for anyone can be stressful, and for most can also take a toll on the body. Redheads even more so, since we are sensitive to the exhausting environment of trains and planes. I have come to realize some good tips and tricks to help traveling, both short and long distances.

1. Hydration

Drinking lots of water is very important, not because you’re up thousands of miles in the air, but because it is rule of thumb. Not only will you feel better when you land, but you’ll look better. This includes applying lotion as well.


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2. Stretching 

For long flights or traveling long distances, it is important to stretch those legs and move around. Traveling first class or economy, it’s important to get up and move your legs as often as possible. For international flights, the plane will some times encourage you to move stretch and prevent any painful cramping; which can lead to blood clots and heart failure. It’s also important to stretch after the flight, as well. So, be that person who gets up and moves around. At least you’ll live longer and you’ll feel better than the rest of the passengers.

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3. Rest/Sleep

You see those people with neck pillows? Yes, those are very important to have because they will help you to sleep. The pillows that the planes have are very thin and can even leave you with stiff neck and shoulders. Buy your own neck pillow that you are comfortable with, and your neck and back will thank you.

4. Loose and comfortable clothes

Trust me on this. After flying back from Japan, I regret not wearing sweatpants and loose fitting clothes because my legs swelled up like balloons. Of course, stretching and elevating my legs helped get my legs back to normal, but I’m sure I could have helped it with comfortable clothes. Sure, you’ll look think you’ll look funny, but swelled up legs and ankles are not funny and very uncomfortable.


5. Freshen up

Anyone will need a shower after a flight, but trust me, redheads need them even more. Our skin is sensitive to recycled breathed in air. Wash your face during and after the flight. Carry with you a packet of facial wipes on the flight and your skin will thank you. Once you get off the flight, try to freshen up, despite being really tired. You’ll not only feel more refreshed, but your skin will benefit from it. Allowing you to sleep better and look FLAWLESS.

It’s so important to take care yourselves while traveling, because that’s when your body and skin is being over worked to keep you functioning and healthy. So Rock it like a Redhead and enjoy the trip!