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5 Hair Accessories to Rock With Your Red Hair This Spring

While we are a few months away from spring, there is never a time in which we can’t celebrate our red hair. Here are five hair accessories to celebrate your red hair in style this spring:

1. Flower Crowns

With a return to in-person events, like carnivals and fairs, adorn your red hair with a fun and colorful flower crown this spring.


2. Hair Scarves

As you head out this summer, redheads, take on this classic hair accessory by honoring our favorite redheaded best friends, Thelma and Louise.

Find your favorite large silk scarf, fold it in half, creating a triangle, and place the scarf over your head so you can tie the two long tails under your chin. If that seems too complicated or not your style, try a simple ponytail scarf to add some pop to your red hair.


3. Claw Clips

When a hair tie doesn’t cut it, use claw clips as an effortless way to pull the red hair off your face. This accessory works great for those with short, medium and long red hair.


4. Pearl Headband

If you love pearl clips in your red hair, you are sure to love a pearl headband. The off-white color helps brighten your locks amongst the crowd and adds charm to your outfit. From a day out with friends to dancing the night away at a wedding, there is no doubt you won’t look stylish.


5. Bandana

A classic hair accessory, one cannot go wrong with a bandana. Either roll it up into a headband, use it to tie your hair up in a ponytail, or braid it into your hair. The possibilities are endless.


Here’s to a spring full of stylish red hair and Rockin’ it like a Redhead!

Rock it like a Redhead!