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4 Things Only Redhead Siblings Understand

Four things only a redhead with a redhead sibling (who is not your twin) would understand:

1. You will never loose each other in a crowd.

As much as we may not like it, we always stick out in a crowd.

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Photo via Ladida

2. The internal eye roll when you are asked one or both of the following questions (usually at the same time): Are you twins or which of your parents have red hair?

Of course you want to answer back the following (but you may choose not to): “No, we are not  twins and [enter parent here] is a redhead.”

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Photo via Flickr

3. “Is your hair color natural?”

Respond sarcastically: “No, our parents have been dying our hair since we were babies.”

Photo via Flickr
Photo via Flickr

4. When hair is clogging the tub in the bathroom, you can blame the other redhead in the family.

I always clean out my hair from the tub, it’s not my hair.”

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Photo via Maria Babintceva


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