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4 Reasons Why Redheads Should Clean Their Hairbrush Weekly

Clean Hairbrush = Healthy Red Hair

Redheads, how often are you cleaning your hairbrush? You should be cleaning it at least once a week. You might think cleaning your hairbrush isn’t a big deal, but using a dirty hairbrush might actually be leading to problems with your hair and scalp. 

1. Removes Build Up

When you brush your hair, all the build-up of product is being deposited onto your hairbrush, but that means that the next time you brush your hair, it’s all just being brushed through your hair again. Some of that buildup can go back onto your hair and cause a gross texture on your hair and scalp.

Tip: For clean, healthy red hair, make sure you pull out those excess brush hairs whenever you’re done brushing or at least one time per week.

2. Allows for Better Brushing

The more hair that’s built up on your brush, the less bristle is exposed. This means your hairbrush isn’t brushing through as thoroughly as it should be. Cleaning out the hair will allow you full access to the bristles.

3. Reduces Oils

Just like product build-up, there are oils that build up in the hair on your brush. Using your brush with those hairs still on there means you’re transferring the oils right back to the hair on your head. Cleaning your brush can help reduce oiliness in the hair and on the scalp. 

4. Keeps Hair Clean

If you brush dirty hair with your brush, and then you brush clean hair it’s getting your clean hair dirty again. Just like you wouldn’t use a dirty fork when you eat, don’t use a dirty hairbrush on your hair. 

Rock it like a Redhead!