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4 More Random Redhead Facts You Might Not Know

Our Hair Color Makes Us Unique in Many Ways

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Redheads are rare, and that makes us unique. Our red hair isn’t the only thing about us that’s unique though. Earlier this year, we named three interesting facts about redheads. Here are four more random facts about redheads you might not know: 

1. Redheads bruise more easily than those of other hair colors.

This is because the MC1R gene that causes red hair also alters the lining of blood vessels in the body. Read more here. 

2. Redheads have fewer hair strands.

On average blondes have 150,000 hair strands, brunettes have 100-110,000 and redheads only have 90,000. 

3. Red hair strands are thicker than other colors.

While redheads do have fewer strands than other hair colors, the red strands are usually thicker, leading to a fuller head of hair.

4. There are last names that depict those with red hair!

The surnames Flannery and Flynn are both inspired by those with red hair. 

Flannery is Irish and a ‘descendant of Flannabhra’ meaning ‘red eyebrows’

Flynn is Irish and a form of Gaelic Ó Floinn ‘descendant of Flann’ meaning ‘red(dish)’, ‘ruddy’


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