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3 Easy Tips for Growing Your Redhead Lashes Long

Get longer more beautiful lashes!

Long lashes are coveted in the beauty world, and for redheads, there’s no exception. Our typically light-colored redhead eyelashes need all the help they can get to look full and fluttery.

Here are a few tips on how to get your eyelashes to grow:

1. Try an oil

One of the best DIY ways to promote lash growth is by using an oil. They are great for those with sensitive eyes who may be adverse to lash serums. Castor oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil have all been said to help hydrate and nourish for thicker, longer lashes.

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Get a clean spoolie brush and dip it in the oil of your choice and then apply like you would a mascara. Be sure to keep the oil out of your eyes. Apply nightly as needed!

2. Take biotin*

Biotin helps to promote healthy hair and nails, and your lashes are no exception. By adding a biotin supplement to your diet, you might start to see your hair and nails growing more quickly. You can also add biotin-rich foods to your diet like egg yolks, legumes, nuts, seeds, broccoli, and bananas!

3. Use a lash serum

The most scientific way to get your lashes to grow is by using a lash serum. There are both over-the-counter lash serums and prescription lash serums you can get from your dermatologist or doctor. These lash serums will help your lashes be longer, fuller, and darker. They may be harsh on those with sensitive eyes, so consult your doctor!

Need something quicker? Try a lash lift/tint: 

You might not be seeing the effects as quickly you want from these at-home lash treatments, or maybe your lashes have reached their full potential but you still want a longer look. Mascara is always an option, but sometimes it’s nice to just have better lashes when you wake up. 

A great way to make your natural lashes look longer is with a lash lift and a lash tint. By lifting and darkening the eyelashes they will appear fuller. Additionally, lash extensions are a wonderful option for those who want to skip the mascara altogether. 

*Always consult with your doctor before taking vitamins and always consult on dosage.



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