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AnnaJo Terrill

All About The 20-Year-Old Who Lives Life As A Mermaid

This life has taught her about the importance of body image and confidence

By: Annjo Terrill

We love the idea of redheads being mermaids. Maybe that’s thanks to Ariel, or the fact that we’re so rare, or maybe it’s just that there’s something amazingly magical about a head of red hair. Whatever the reason, I was so excited to see this video Entertainment Daily released about a real life redheaded mermaid! Her name is Haley Ivy Di Virgitio and not only is she living a dream life, but she has some powerful insight to share about body image and confidence.

“It [being a mermaid] has helped my confidence in ways I can’t even name,”says Haley. “As a teenager, I hated my body. I had a lot of issues with my relationships with food and so I would eat more I would get even more stressed…”

She has to practice being a a mermaid and in doing so, she has to hold her breath, swim and it has taught her to be more appreciative for her body.

“..I think the magic and the mystique of it all is my absolute favorite part,” says Haley.


Rock it like a Redhead!