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18 Amazing Things About Having A Redhead Sister

If you have a sister (whether it’s a blood relative or best friend), you know this statement is true: sisterhood is the absolute best.

Having a redhead for a sister is a whole other level. Apart from having a full-time bestie for life, she’s the person you turn to for everything because she understands how it is to be a redhead, too!

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To celebrate National Sisters Day, we’ve teamed up with to honor all those redheaded sisters and best friends of the world:

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Here are 18 reasons it’s so wonderful to have a redhead sister in your life:

1. You have an automatic redhead buddy.

She understands your ups, downs and redhead crazy personality.

2. Her ‘Redhead Friendly’ closet is your closet too.

…until you find out from a recent Instagram post she’s wearing your favorite dress that you haven’t had the chance to wear yet. Watch out!

3. She can help you pick out your OOTD.

And honestly, tell you what looks best with your red hair and complexion.

4. She always knows the right way to compliment you.

“Your red hair looks so fabulous right now.”

5. She is there for the big moments.

Getting married, having a fur baby or an actual (redhead) baby!

Stephanie (left) wearing Alisa Pan Sleeveless Printed Summer Dress ($13) & Adrienne (right) wearing Alisa Pan Off Shoulder Floral Print Summer Dress ($19)

6. You connect on a deep redhead level.

…and can talk about your experiences being a redhead and the names you were called. Now you just laugh together about it.

7. She always has your back.

Me: “Did you bring the sunscreen?”

My redhead sister: “DUH.”

8. She was there to tell the redhead bullies to go away.

Don’t mess with a redhead.

9. She helps you with redhead makeup, fashion and hair suggestions.

Redhead sister: “You gotta try this new ‘redhead friendly’ eyeshadow.”

10. She has seen you at your redhead best and your redhead worst.

This is where waterproof mascara comes in handy.

11. She becomes your wingman and rescuer. 

Especially when a person approaches you saying, “I have a thing for redheads.”

12. You can sit in silence together.

And watch non-stop episodes on Netflix together.

13. You have someone to laugh with while reminiscing on past memories and photos.

She was right by your side during those years of crazy, untamed red hair!

14. You never have to explain your crazy redhead family to her.

Because she’s a part of it.

15. You have private jokes.

Silly handshakes and one word hashtags like: #RockitlikeaRedhead

16. She knows all your cringe-worthy secrets.

Like that time you dyed your hair blonde. OMG!

17. You have someone to grow old with.

And turn white-haired with (yes, most redheads turn white, not gray).

18. She’s your redhead soulmate.

Forever and ever.

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