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16 Useful Travel Beauty Items Redheads Should Keep On Hand

Everything You Need for the Perfect Vacation!

If you’re planning to do some traveling in the new year, make sure you’ve got all the travel beauty essentials you will need. Check out this list of must-have travel items every redhead needs on their packing list. 

Eyebrow Gel: Finally Have Brows ($24) 

Redheads usually have light brows and it’s never an option to skip having your brows done — even when traveling. Opt for How to be a Redhead’s Finally Have Brows. It will tint, tame and lock in seconds. That’s it! Done. Shop and read the 5-star reviews. 



Hand Sanitizer: Touchland Power Mist ($9)

It’s so easy to get sick while traveling, so keep yourself nice and clean with some hand sanitizer. This Touchland mist is vegan, cruelty-free, and comes in a fragrance-free option for sensitive skin.



Hand Lotion: Type:A Soothing Hand Cream ($12)

Winter travel can be brutal on your skin, especially with the increased use of hand sanitizer and frequent washing. Keep hands soft and healthy with a quality hand lotion. Get this hand cream in the November H2BAR Box — extra are remaining in our warehouse! 



Lip Balm: PCA SKIN Hyaluronic Acid Lip Booster($47)

Keep lips soft and nourished with this hyaluronic acid lip balm. Perfect for the winter months at home or on the go. 



Blemish Patches: Patch Me If You Can by Dermala ($22)

Don’t let pesky pimples ruin your vacation. These easy-to-use pimple patches can be popped at any time anywhere to help reduce redness and heal blemishes. 


$22 for 3 packs


Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous, $9

Just like eyebrows, mascara is a must. We love this choice because yes, it provides volume but it doesn’t make our eyes itch or water. It also comes in brown and black for days we want to switch it up.



Face Mist: PCA SKIN Daily Defense Mist ($50)

Keep your skin feeling refreshed with a skin mist. It’s perfect for freshening up dry skin at the end of a long travel day or giving your makeup a little boost. 


Shampoo & Conditioner: Tree to Tub Shampoo & Conditioner ($26)

Don’t rely on hotel shampoo to keep your red locks feeling fresh and clean. Bring your own so you know your hair will be happy. 



Dry Shampoo: R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo Travel($18)

Sometimes when we travel, we don’t have time for a full wash. Make sure you have dry shampoo so you can feel confident about your hair even when you’re short on time. 



Sunscreen: Supergoop! Mini Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 ($17)

Keep your skin protected with SPF, no matter where you go. Sunburns can happen year-round in any climate, so don’t leave the house unprepared. 



Face Moisturizer: Luma & Leaf Relief & Repair Moisturizer($24)

Moisturize and hydrate dry skin to keep your face looking and feeling its best no matter where life takes you.



Face Oil: No Thank You Face Oil($20)

Your face will thank when you apply some facial oil at the end of a long travel day, plus it will help have a healthy glow even if you skip the makeup.



Mini Lipstick: MAC Mini Lipstick in Ruby Woo($13)

You never know when you’re going to need to dress up for a night out. Don’t forget your lipstick! This mini Ruby Woo is the perfect shade for redheads. 



Hair Brush: RAINCRY CONDITION Travel Brush($90)

Keep your red hair in check with a travel-sized boar bristle hairbrush that will help distribute oils from roots to ends keeping hair healthy and soft. 



Eye Mask: Doppeltree Eye Mask Rejuvenating Under Eye Mask($20)

Want to relax and unwind on your trip? Make it happen with some under-eye masks. Pro Tip: pop them in the hotel mini-fridge for extra relaxation.



Mini Razor: Venus Mini Extra Smooth On The Go Women’s Razor + 1 Razor Blade($9)

There’s nothing worse than forgetting your razor on vacation, so be prepared wherever you go with this mini razor.



Rock it like a Redhead!